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New Firefighting Technologies

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Fire fighting safely. Fire is one of the greatest dangers we face, the losses are incalculable that is why creating new forms of protection is crucial.

New technologies provide new levels of protection, and more modern and adapted to new needs systems. We offer the most modern and best fire detection systems for your needs.

Experience tells us the importance of having a system to suit your needs, to ensure early and effective detection of a fire

Member of the Society of Fire protection Engineers, USA

  • New Firefighting Technologies
  • New Firefighting Technologies
  • New Firefighting Technologies
  • New Firefighting Technologies
  • New Firefighting Technologies
  • New Firefighting Technologies
  • New Firefighting Technologies

Our engineering have a wide range of technical fire fighting solutions

Analog Alarm Systems Fire

  • Analog stations of different capacities with appropriate evaluation algorithm for the detection and fire alarm systems for small, medium and large installations.
  • Graphic software to control one or more analog switches via PC.
  • Smoke detector technology combines optical and heat sensing , managed by a microprocessor, offering an interactive analog detection algorithms.
  • Analog Thermovelocimetric heat detector feature thermal , static or thermovelocimetric sensors, and offer solutions for a wide variety of applications.
  • Analog barrier for smoke detection beam reflection infrared light to plants. Approved as required by EN54- 12 and the Construction Products Directive (CPD ) . Range 5 m to 100 m, up to 1400 m2 of coverage.
  • Duct detector to detect smoke in ventilation ducts and air conditioning and is compatible with the central fire alarm analog
  • Conventional systems of fire detection
    Conventional microprocessed plants Compatible with the full range of conventional detectors, push Marketplace
    The range of conventional detectors is as extensive as the analog range . Smoke detectors, thermovelocimetric sensors, intrinsically safe areas, fire barriers, vacuum systems, etc...


The central species have been specially developed to manage properly, and according to the regulations , the sequence of automatic termination of any gas extinguishing system , CO2 (as required system gas extinguishing EN12094 -1) , foam, powder , aerosols or sprays.


  • Aspiration detector laser detection chamber high sensitivity ( 0.03 to 25 osc / m).
  • IR Flame Detector ( IR ) indoor . Includes microprocessor to analyze the flame signal , multi-level adjustable alarm and manual test . Mounted on aluminum flameproof housing .
  • UV Flame Detector (ultraviolet ) indoor .